Develop your business acumen with business simulation games

Introducing our part Vienna-, part US-based partner: DigitAll360

Business acumen is defined by Wikipedia as “keenness and quickness in understanding and dealing with a “business situation” (risks and opportunities) in a manner that is likely to lead to a good outcome”.

SWOT analyses, business model canvas or Scrum: all of them are great tools and frameworks. But to really assure that you can apply and use them, you need to practice in a safe environment.

Business acumen cannot be learnt from a book or sitting through a lecture: business acumen skills take their roots in that moment where our theoretical knowledge meets reality, and when this first-hand experience interacts with what we freshly learned, thereby creating a sort of muscle memory, deeply anchoring said knowledge for future similar situations.

This is precisely what our Vienna-based partner DigitAll360 achieves with their trainings and workshops, which are powered by MEGA Learning business simulations.

Impactful training solutions using business simulations

Tapping into and leveraging a wide array of learning technologies, DigitAll360 believes that empowerment, engagement, and learning must go hand in hand – which we totally support!

Their motto? To empower people in being more successful at what they do: for more joy and engagement every day.

To do so, they design and facilitate modular workshops and programs to develop cognitive, interpersonal, and digital skills: from critical thinking to emotional intelligence, teamwork effectiveness and data analytics. Said programs and workshops are described not only as unique and impactful, but also as flexible and easily implemented.

Organized as a global network of professionals with long-standing expertise and experience, DigitAll360 offers coaching, advisory and training in any language. They also provide customized solutions that cater to any organization’s reality.

Remote, face-to-face, or modular, the company’s tech-savviness enables high-quality experiences, on demand from anywhere.

At MEGA Learning, we believe in partnerships to achieve our mission: make game-based learning a golden standard in business education.

This can only be achieved by

1) On the one hand, developing engaging and challenging games with solid, relevant, and up-to-date content – which is what we do,

2) On the other hand, integrating our games seamlessly into learning journeys that make sense of the hands-on experience, where links with fundamental frameworks are drawn, and where learning takeaways are guaranteed by highly professional workshop facilitation – which is what DigitAll360 does.

For that matter, given DigitAll360’s track record and dedication to foster engagement while teaching the right thing, a partnership with them was an obvious step in the direction we are aiming for.

Why MEGA Learning business simulations?

Though DigitAll360’s liking for game-based solution and the business games we offer is an obvious match, we asked their team what seduced them about MEGA Learning.

For them, as instructional designers, trainers, and coaches, two things are of major importance:

“We are standing in front of an audience and need to be able to trust the simulation that we are using in our training.”

Angela Feigl, from DigitAll360, went on to say:

“The second element next to technical reliability is customer service: we need to be able to reach out for a solution in a moment’s time, should something go amiss”.

Besides the quality and flexibility of the material being essential, DigitAll360’s idea of partnership can only work out when both parties consider it as a way forward, a collaboration, an opportunity to grow together rather than a “license deal”.

And that is why we kicked-started the MEGA Learning – DigitAll360 partnership.

This long-term cooperation aims at fostering a feeling of mutual support in developing and implementing learning solutions and journeys. Working together, our goal is to create added value for participants by innovating and better catering to the development needs of academic institutions and corporations alike.

As we speak, a joint program is in the making, incorporating one of our flagship business simulations and DigitAll360’s expertise in talent development: stay in touch!

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