Tailor-made Simulations

You have specific needs for your academic course or corporate training? We can adapt existing simulations or start from scratch. Contact us to explore co-development options together !

Our Process


Together, we’ll analyze the nature of your challenges and provide a scenario that will incorporate your fundamental themes and dynamics.


We conceptualize and validate with you and your experts the key concepts and messages that will be embedded in the game.


We develop the game entirely in house from industry/service data models to users interface, turning concepts into a unique learning/playing experience.


We organize a pilot program with your team and experts.

train the trainers

If we don’t facilitate for you, we’ll set up a train-the-trainer session to ensure quality of facilitation (optional).

let the game begin

Immerse yourself in this unique teaching and learning experience! Your simulation is uploaded to the cloud for seamless performance.

Some amazing companies we've had the pleasure to work with.

  • The University of Columbia and MEGA Learning conducted their first co-development in 2009, Healthsquare: a hospital management simulation was born. The underlying idea was to provide participants with an opportunity to experience the challenges of executive leadership and strategic decision-making in a realistic exercise that effectively simulates the full breadth and complexity of a competitive multi-hospital marketplace.

    Business Game Consultant
    Laurent Williot
  • Based on a long-term partnership between MEGA Learning HEC Paris, we designed a simulation that would capture the fundamental links between the feasibility of a business strategy and how to foster efficient manpower to support it! The Human Capital Challenge was born from this adventure and is today one of our most demanded solutions: it’s innovative, it’s concrete and it’s fun.

    Simulation Trainer
    Charles Henri Besseyre des Horts
    Professor | HEC Paris
  • Experience is our number one source of inspiration – working with Renault is one of those collaborations that changed us for the better. Based on the specific car manufacturing industry, we developed a marketing-oriented solution that tackles value proposition definition and implications for the cost structure and profitability of your company. Thanks to this scope, we have played it at many companies and universities beyond the boundaries of the car industry!​

    MEGA Learning Facilitator
    François Calicis
    Founder | MEGA Learning

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