The Competitive Advantage

In this business game simulation with a focus on corporate strategy, run a multi-product corporation with your team. Define and create a competitive advantage and become the leader on your market, by leveraging resources at all levels of the company.

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Optimize your product portfolio
by creating a sustainable competitive advantage based on a unique value proposition.


Allocate your resources
based on your understanding of competitive forces, markets and perceived customer value.


Find your balance
in a competitive environment that is continuously evolving and become the leader of your market.
the competitive advantage
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University Strategy, Marketing and Entrepreneurship classes // HRD & LD trainings // Unlimited number of decisions // From 1 day up // Remote, face-to-face or blended facilitation // From 9 participants up

No success without strategy

Become the market leader with a consistent and agile strategy

One of the key learnings of a strategy or entrepreneurship class is that an organization without a vision is fragile, impulsive, and more prone to failure than one with a clear strategy. Yet, having a strategy says nothing about the relevance of it, or whether it is well articulated with the needs and expectations of the market. And that is another key learning of a strategy class: beware of not falling in love with your product or service, as it will lure you away from sound business decisions.

The Competitive Advantage places participants in the management team of a company within a fictional industry, in competition with other teams starting from the same position. Their goal will be to analyze their 4-product portfolio, analyze the cost structure of each business line and identify growth opportunities against their customer profile. The challenge will be for teams to find balance between developing a consistent strategy and remaining competitive, to become the leaders on their market while being profitable.

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