human capital challenge

Human Resources policy alignment with corporate strategy: this is what this business game is about. A simulation co-developed with HEC Paris that guides participants through the interactions of human decisions and value creation.

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Lead as a world-
class human capital


Identify human capital strategic drivers that generate successful company results.


Define and implement a long-term, financially performing business plan with HR objectives.​


Create an ecosystem where talent is attracted and retained. Develop your employees according to your needs and to their aspirations.
human capital challenge
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University HR & OB classes // HRD & LD trainings // Unlimited number of decisions // From 2 days up // Remote, face-to-face or blended facilitation // From 9 participants up

A business is more than the sum of its workforce

Become the market leader employees wish to have

Business education mostly revolves around profitability, growth, customer-centricity, you name it. The best business schools also include organizational behavior classes, and in-company trainings sometimes refer to the human aspect of a business, yet we have found no consistent material that would bring the human capital and business success together.

So, we developed it, in cooperation with HEC Paris: a business simulation that leads participants through the intricacies of developing a company offering 3 products and 1 service line. Teams will need to design a sound and consistent business strategy and leverage it by tapping into their human capital: in this game we do not talk about marketing expenses for example, we talk about engagement, attrition, team leadership, learning and development of the marketing teams. Participants will have to find balance between a winning business strategy and treating their workforce in the best way to optimize their productivity and morale.

Interested? Read Pr. Uhlaner's testimonial integrating the simulation into her class at EDHEC.

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