Customer Value challenge

Four range of cars, four customer profiles: in this marketing-oriented business simulation, identify customer perceived value and find a balance between your value proposition and profitability.

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Listen to your potential customers and design a value proposition that matches their profile.


Explore the impacts of your investment choices on your cost structure and identify a sustainable a value chain to deliver your products.​


Confirm your profit equation in a challenging environment. Spice it up with our ‘Global Leadership’ or ‘Finance’ options.​
customer value challenge
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Know your customers like yourself

Leverage your marketing to support your strategy

What is a strategy without customers to buy into it? Bankruptcy, most likely. In this marketing business simulation developed with Renault and tapping into the Blue Ocean strategy framework, participants are invited to visualize their value proposition against a set of criteria, to investigate how customers perceive them, how the market’s average positioning looks, and how they can set themselves apart from competition to best serve the market.

Thanks to a highly visual and responsive interface, participants will explore the effects of their positioning on the value chain and fine-tune their decision to secure a budget that will let them win over the market. With 4 different business lines, each serving substantially different customer segments, teams will need to show adaptability – and consistence – in the face of economic turbulences and the opening of new markets.

Winning criteria can be adapted and include among others CO2 emissions, ROCE and employee morale.

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