We work with forward-thinking organizations

What the institutions we have worked with share, is a love for innovation and a result-oriented mindset when it comes to teaching business to their members. Be it in a world-class American university or a major German corporation, we make a point of sitting down with our clients to understand what their needs are, and how we can best help them optimize the learning experience of their people.

Some of these institutions include:

  • Renault
  • Maersk
  • IBM
  • Nordea

The projects we work on make participants happy, and make us proud

We are proud to work with global institutions from both the academic and corporate worlds all over the world. Not only do these valuable experiences help us maintain our games’ relevance, thanks to the input of experts of the field, but it also creates a playing space where we can innovate in both the content of our business simulations and the way they are facilitated.

Though all of our clients have in common the use of our technology, each of them brought their own touch to how they lead their trainings or courses using our games about business: from 1-day, intensive seminars to semester-long programs, our simulations are facilitated online, face-to-face or in a blended way, and in multiple languages including English, French, Chinese, Danish, German and Portuguese.