Fundamentals Of Finance

Learn your way through the dynamics of a company’s financial statements and lead your business to success. Aim for optimal business performance by closely understanding and monitoring fundamental financial KPIs.

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Be the CFO that will
revamp the company


Capture markets potential with a unique positioning that caters to your customers profile.


Design your strategy through the eyes of a CFO: define, plan and monitor financial KPIs to identify the best choices for your business.​


With your strategy in mind, find the optimal balance between cash, profitability and market leadership.
fundamentals of finance
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University Corporate Finance classes // HRD & LD trainings // Unlimited number of decisions // From 1 day up // Remote, face-to-face or blended facilitation // From 9 participants up

Understand the ins and outs of value creation

Grow your finance acumen for sounder business decisions

It is still common to find professionals who focus on their expertise and do not manage to connect the dots when it comes to how the business concretely creates value: we want to help those line managers, who already have a clear view of how to do business development and how to market their product, to understand why and how they should monitor business performance.

In this game about finance for non-financial managers, teams of participants will lead a two-product portfolio, each business line being at a different stage of its lifecycle and being delivered to different customer profiles. As they seek to become the leader on their market, participants will explore the three financial statements and their link to managerial decisions, in articulation with their business strategy. Teams will assess their profitability, monitor their cash and financing needs, and define KPIs that fit their organization – all of this while competing against other teams.

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