Expand your training offer and boost your revenue

For learning professionals looking to consolidate their training portfolio, integrating our business simulations will help you stand out against competition thanks to engaging, hands-on, online game-based content, shaped around your expertise.

Set yourself apart from competitors

We provide you with the right simulation based on your expertise – be it finance, human capital, marketing, strategic thinking or health management – and we support you all along.

Gain relevance when answering requests for proposal (RFP)

Integrating a tangible, innovative added value into your designs with engaging, immersive experiences with concrete content, available online, face-to-face or blended.

Increase your income and your margins the way you like

  • ─ Earn a licence-based commission proportionately to your sales
  • ─ Create off-the-shelf programs for better margins
  • ─ Consolidate your offer, so you can react faster and more often to RFPs
  • ─ Co-develop new games with us, based on your clients’ budget
  • ─ Deliver more training days

Meet some of our partners!

  • Harvard Business Publishing is a Boston-based provider of teaching materials, specialized in management education.

    Among other products, they offer business simulations, which they describe as powerful experimental learning experiences, and reinforce the efficiency of a class.

    It is affiliated with the world-reknown eponymous Harvard University.

  • Aquafin delivers learning experiences that are tailored, facilitated and fun. They are designed to make sense of the business world.

    We use business games and simulations that are purposeful, playful and practical. Every learning experience is designed to energize, enlighten and empower. Managers learn to make sense of the bigger picture and put their role into context.

    The result is optimized performance, for people, for organizations and for businesses.

  • DigitAll360 is specialized in providing bespoke advisory and training services to accompany organizations in their digital transformation or other business projects.

    We leverage business simulations to create an engaging and highly impactful learning framework that fosters sustainable skill development and business impact.

    With our global team of experts and passionate facilitators we thrive on making a difference in organizational development and growth by empowering each and every participant to succeed in their learning and professional journey.

  • Management Center Europe is a subsidiary of AMA Global and operates mostly in EMEA countries.

    They provide learning and development solutions in thousands of organizations and cover various areas from leading oneself to leading others and business.

    Our simulations are used in their best-selling programs, with a focus on experiential and intensive learning, online and face-to-face.

  • Centrale de Cas et de Médias Pédagogiques is a service by the CCI Paris Ile-de-France which offers case studies and other teaching material such as our business simulations.

    The CCMP network distributes material by some of the best institutions in the world, such as Ivey Publishing, INSEAD or HEC Paris.

  • IDEA Beratungs- und Forschungsgesellschaft UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is a solution-oriented consulting, research, and training company located in southern Germany, working with small and medium-sized enterprises.

    As an interdisciplinary foundation of theorists and practitioners, IDEA is characterized by its research, a large expertise in the field of education, and an extensive network of leading experts from both eh practice and science worlds – which ensure a high level of quality and independence.

    IDEA's proactive approach is emphasized by their motto ‘Don't look for mistakes, look for solutions.’ (Henry Ford), which they apply consistently in all their projects.

How do I become a partner?

  • 1. Let’s have a chat – to get to know each other and understand your needs better.
  • 2. There’s a fit? We help you get up to speed with our content and how you can integrate it, so you feel confident selling it.
  • 3. Join our train-the-trainer program to facilitate yourself (12 hours). If you prefer us to facilitate, let’s go through a few rounds and explore FAQs.
  • 4. We help you integrate the simulation easily into your portfolio thanks to our educators’ resources and our dedicated support.
  • 5. Marketing – we continuously develop collaterals that help support your argument – agendas, demos, videos and anything that can help you close your deals.
  • 6. Network – participate in regular get-togethers with other partners to discuss success stories, strategic niches and share best practices.

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