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Business Simulations are learning tools that teach the dynamics of running a company, based on teams’ design and implementation of a business strategy, in competition with other participants, in an engaging and playful environment.

Experiential learning taps into the long-term memory of participants while creating a binding opportunity. That’s why business schools and companies integrate our simulations in their programs.

We cover different themes for different needs:
finance, HR, strategy and marketing. ​
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What makes us stand out

Only relevant and applicable concepts inspired by experts

Our games were developed and validated with field experts, academics and corporations
At university or your company, virtual or blended: we facilitate the way you want! We can also train you to do it.​
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Experiential learning is the second most efficient way to remember things on the long run.

Learn how to do business

Choose your focus – Strategy, HR, Finance Or Marketing

‘Learning by doing’ is our motto. Every day, we witness how our games about business help participants acquire or refine their business acumen. Our content taps into the reality of running a business and leads participants through challenges that they are meant to encounter in their professional life.

Our business simulation games grant participants substantial autonomy in their decision-making process, thereby allowing them to learn through trial and error. In parallel, business coaches answer teams’ questions, provide guidance when participants struggle to set up a structure and draw links with the reality of the business world using participants' professional experience or curated examples.

How does it work?

Tap into the power of action-learning

Action learning goes by the idea that knowledge can be gathered by working in a group setting, when the aim is to solve a problem, and that this process will enhance each member’s and the overall group’s knowledge. Learning is leveraged thanks to a combination of autonomy and the presence of business coaches to help participants’ readjust their hypotheses.

Our business simulation games integrate the same core dynamics: we set up universes – i.e. playing environments – with up to 6 teams, each including 4 to 6 participants. Each universe represents a market with 2 to 4 business lines, depending on the version of the simulation you are playing.

Each team is put in charge of a fictional company, starting from the same market position, in competition with other teams. The rule of the game is to make strategic decisions over multiple rounds, in order to become leader on the market against a set of winning criteria. Said criteria depend on the simulation you are playing: for example, Fundamentals of Finance will integrate the ROCE as one of the winning criteria, while the Human Capital Challenge will look at Engagement, Employee Morale or Revenue per full-time employee, among others.

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Business Simulation Players

Your adaptable solution to teach business with long-lasting results.

Our business simulation games vary in complexity and duration – be it for a day or month-long programs.

For groups starting at 9 people up, innovate in your courses and let participants grow their own business intuition, based on experience, while having fun.

We offer face-to-face, blended and 100% remote facilitation.

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