Participant testimonial: Manuel Oberascher

In our field, be it education, management consulting or professional training, we rarely just sell a software, a tool, or a framework. We rather sell an experience, or a tool-based experience.

With business simulations, this is the case at least. Our tools are appreciated for their complexity, but also for their simplicity in teaching business concepts to students, or employees.

What they are also appreciated for, is their bonding effect and the fun playing them.

To better capture this, we asked one of our recent participants, Manuel Oberascher from ESCP Business School, to share about his experience playing the Customer Value Challenge.

Can you introduce yourself, your background and in which context you have been playing the simulation?

My name is Manuel Oberascher, I am from Austria, I am a second-year student in the Master in Management at ESCP Business School, and I recently played the MEGA Learning business simulation during a seminar.

In my studies, I’m specializing in Finance and Real Estate.

Had you previously played a business game or a business simulation, before playing ours?

Yes, we played a less complex business simulation in a previous semester, but it was much shorter and less in-depth. We also competed in teams against one another, though.

Can you describe which of our simulations you played and share your understanding of the game?

We played the Customer Value Challenge.

We were randomly assigned to groups of 5-6 people for our business game seminar, and all participants came from different specializations from the second year of the MiM program.

Upfront, we got instructions about the situation we should put ourselves in. We were put in the shoes of a car manufacturer, had to decide what kind of cars to produce, at what price point, and with what marketing and engineering budget.

The game took place over multiple decision rounds, for each of which we had to make decisions to bring our cars to various customer profiles, in a competitive environment. Our competitors were the other teams participating in the experience.

What were your expectations before playing the game, if any? What do you take away from this experience?

I didn’t have any expectations before starting the simulation, but I got assigned to a great team with which I bonded quickly, which made the simulation a great experience.

Throughout the three-day seminar, we had a lot of fun playing the game, learning what impacts our strategy and actions had, and reading our classmates’ manoeuvrings.

What do you think of this game-based learning experience, compared to other teaching/learning methods you have encountered?

Because of the intensity of the hands-on experience combined with the conducted teamwork, the game-based experience is more engaging than a regular class and sticks in your memory.

Would you recommend MEGA Learning business simulations?

The MEGA Learning business simulation is fuel for teamwork and gives you a wholesome understanding of a business/sector in a simplified and fun way.

I would therefore recommend the simulation, especially for team-building purposes.

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