How much does MEGA Learning support me with the facilitation?

We covered in this article, a few weeks ago, content-related questions that educators will ask themselves, such as what the program flow will look like, and how to fit in our business simulations into the learning journey.

In contrast, this article deals with the logistic side of things: how much support you can get from us in facilitating our business simulations games.

If you make the decision to integrate one of our games into your course or training program, the second* most important question you will probably ask yourself is ‘how do I get this going?’.

*The first one being ‘which MEGA Learning business simulation do I choose?’, obviously.

Option 1: You facilitate the business game autonomously

Some educators and professors like to keep interactions with us at a minimum – and we understand! Sometimes, all that matters is really to find an alternative to simple case studies, and our business simulations are the perfect tool to meet your needs.

In such cases, educators want to integrate the simulation as soon, and as smoothly, as possible into their program or class. Educators with experience facilitating a business simulation will probably be the most comfortable here.

For those professionals, we have created self-training videos and teaching notes, so that all the necessary information about the game is accessible at any time, and so that they have the resources to facilitate the game from A to Z. We recommend dedicating about 4 hours of self-study to integrate the material.

Yet, we do offer to have a two-hour call ahead of the program, just to make sure that they did not miss out on any crucial point that makes this immersive learning experience a powerful tool. We also use that time to walk the educator through how we perform analyses of teams results and what coaching looks like, in the context of the business game. We also give a free access to a demo of the simulation, for educators to play around with. It is not mandatory, but we strongly recommend having this casual, and free-of-charge conversation.

Option 2: We send you some insights about simulation results

The second category of clients we meet have a strong sense of independence, just like our solo performers, yet they feel at least for the first few rounds, that a little help might come in handy, to make sure the experience is optimized and to maximize their own learning curve. This is a good option for first timers.

In such case, educators will be the leading facilitators, and for that matter are invited to watch the self-training videos and to read the teaching notes.

As educators’ sidekicks, we assist in coaching participants by submitting our analysis of teams results to the educator: after each simulation run, they receive guidance on where to look at, what metrics play a fundamental role in the game, what the sensitivities of the model are, and how much detail we would usually provide to participants. We could also go as far as directly interacting with teams in a specific universe (= playing environment) – a fine balance to find!

We also recommend having a 2-hour talk ahead of the program, to answer questions, and to clarify ambiguities, timings, and roles.

Option 3: We train you to facilitate the simulation as we would

In approximately 8 hours of live interaction, spread over a few days, new partners and clients can learn to facilitate the simulation directly with us, thereby allowing them to ask questions about the mechanics of the game, share experiences, and have a nice time playing. This option is paid, but obviously comes with the advantage of learning directly from seasoned simulation facilitators and from other peers on the group.

Train-the-trainer workshop participants should add an extra 4 hours of homework, including reading teaching notes, watching the preparation videos and other available resources, so they feel confident for their first facilitation! Our material also includes FAQ and tips regarding facilitation and has been built in a way that educators can find the answer to their question in no time!

Option 4: We facilitate the game for you

In some cases, clients will ask our consultants at MEGA Learning to conduct the whole facilitation.

It can be that

(1) the educator has little interest in developing their business game facilitation muscle,
(2) the timing is quite short and there is not enough time to ensure an efficient onboarding of the educator as facilitator
(3) the educator wants to capture how the experience is built by acting as a sidekick, i.e., by participating in the coaching sessions, and by learning directly from us on the go.

The benefits of that approach for educators and professors, are

(1) that it takes off the pressure of having a detailed view of all the dynamics at work in the business simulation, within a limited time,
(2) and they are learning directly from us, who designed and developed the games, or from experienced professors who have facilitated the simulations for years

To implement that approach, we will need to get in touch to agree on schedule, scope, learning objectives, and budget.

You decide how much support you get

No matter your desired level of support, our objective is to help you optimize the learning experience while having fun.

Whether you are more of a solo performer or want to kickstart with us on your team, our consultants are always available to answer questions, offer clarifications, and to assist technologically.

If you would like to know more about our supporting schemes or business simulation games, use our appointment scheduler below!

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