Business Odyssey

This business game simulation focuses on the three pillars of business modelling – online or in class, solo or as a team, learn what business is all about in just three hours. The perfect solution for bachelors’ students and employee onboarding.

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Business Model Simulation
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Design your value proposition
Discover what has value for your customers and create a unique offer just for them.


Define your value architecture
How do you reach your customers? How do you become visible? How do you become their first buying choice?


Confirm your profit equation
Visualize the impact of your choices and find a perfect balance between profitability and uniqueness to become the leader on your market.
Business Odyssey
business model
business model strategy strategic planning

University Strategy, Marketing and Entrepreneurship classes // HRD & LD trainings and employee onboarding // Start-up incubators // Unlimited number of decisions // From 3 hours up // Remote, face-to-face or blended facilitation // From 1 participant up
clients experience
  • “A vision without a strategy remains an illusion. Hopefully, after 2 decisions, we found the winning strategy”

    Lee Bossman | Product Manager - PPG Industries

  • “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” said Michael Porter. By focusing on high growth businesses, we won the game!

    Michael Vergnes | Business Unit Manager - Akzo Nobel

  • “I could not believe how TCA was close to my day-to-day business challenges”

    Robert Silex | Senior Managing Director - Nexans.

Learning is fun!

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