Expand your training offer and boost your revenue

For learning professionals looking to consolidate their training portfolio, integrating our business simulations will help you stand out against competition thanks to engaging, hands-on, online game-based content, shaped around your expertise.

Set yourself apart from competitors

We provide you with the right simulation based on your expertise – be it finance, human capital, marketing, strategic thinking or health management – and we support you all along.

Gain relevance when answering requests for proposal (RFP)

Integrating a tangible, innovative added value into your designs with engaging, immersive experiences with concrete content, available online, face-to-face or blended.

Increase your income and your margins the way you like

  • Earn a licence-based commission proportionately to your sales
  • Create off-the-shelf programs for better margins
  • Consolidate your offer, so you can react faster and more often to RFPs
  • Co-develop new games with us, based on your clients’ budget
  • Deliver more training days

Meet some of our partners!

How do I become a partner?

1. Let’s have a chat – to get to know each other and understand your needs better.
2. There’s a fit? We help you get up to speed with our content and how you can integrate it, so you feel confident selling it.
3. Join our train-the-trainer program to facilitate yourself (12 hours). If you prefer us to facilitate, let’s go through a few rounds and explore FAQs.
4. We help you integrate the simulation easily into your portfolio thanks to our educators’ resources and our dedicated support.
5. Marketing – we continuously develop collaterals that help support your argument – agendas, demos, videos and anything that can help you close your deals.
6. Network – participate in regular get-togethers with other partners to discuss success stories, strategic niches and share best practices.

Demo Call

What if you saw our simulations for yourself? Let's jump into a short call and discuss your class or training needs, while exploring our interfaces and teaching material.